About Us

At MileOne Group we focus on the first mile of your food and menu development project serving the out of home travel sector.  We bring together both current trends and operational efficiencies in order to deliver the best bespoke food and supply chain solution for you and your customer on a global yet local scale.

We have a team of creative and innovative thinkers who pull on their wealth of knowledge in the food and travel industry to help define, design and deliver an exciting yet operational efficient menu solution.

This work relies on a strong understanding of the industry, knowing which food products are trending and what is fading fast.  In parallel, we will work in partnership with you to better understand what works best for your customers whether they are 35,000 feet in the air, travelling on high speed trains across the world or hotel hopping on business or on leisure.

Want to get in touch? Call +61 (02) 8039 8377 or simply email supportau@mileonegroup.com

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