Asian Style Breakfast Box CASE (20 units/case - $4.40/unit)

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The MileOne Group Asian style Breakfast Box is a great premium but low cost option which has been designed by hotel chefs for tour groups, emergency back ups or those last minute plan changes. An ambient, long shelf life solution in a compostable box, is a great option for those on the go. 

PRICE: $88.00 / case ( 20 units / case, 4 case minimum)

MOQ: 4 cases (can be combination of Western and Asian style)

LEAD TIME: 2 days - delivery East coast CBD

CARTON SIZE: 20 units

SHELF LIFE: >3 months on delivery

STORAGE: Ambient

PACKAGING: As shown.


1 x Sticker (unbranded – enquire re branding)

1 x Vita Soy Drink 250ml

1 x Orange and Poppyseed Duo pack muffin (75g)

1 x Duo Rice Cracker Pack 12g

1 x Coconut Nib nib biscuits 20g

1 x Green Tea Cake 30g

1 x 100% compostable box, sourced from sustainably managed forests.


*Additional delivery charges may apply to non SYD locations - contact us for any volume discounts