Cereal Breakfast Box CASE (20 units/case - $5.10/unit)

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For those who want to wake up to cereal we have this alternative breakfast option available too:

MOQ:  4 cases

LEAD TIME:  2 days

CARTON SIZE:  20 units

SHELF LIFE:   >3 months on delivery

PACKAGING:  As shown.


 1 x Sticker (unbranded – enquire re branding)

 1 x Devondale UHT Creamy Milk 150ml

 1 x Kellogg's Cornflakes or Sultana Bran or Just Right pot 45g

 1 x Coconut Mini Biscuits 20g

 1 x Orange & Poppyseed Duo Muffin or Rivazur cake slice

 1 x Certified Compostable Box sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Let us know if you require the variant with the Spive cutlery set.