Western Style Breakfast Box CASE (20 units/case - $5.10/unit)

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The MileOne Group Western style Breakfast Box is the perfect morning choice for those on the go! With at least 3 months ambient shelf life, packed in a 100% compostable box, this is perfect for a those emergency moments, and late check outs.

PRICE: $102.00 CASE (20 units to a case, 4 case minimum order)

MOQ: 4 cases (can mix Asian and Western style)

LEAD TIME: 2 days

CARTON SIZE: 20 units

SHELF LIFE: >3 months delivered

STORAGE: Ambient

PACKAGING: As shown.


1 x Sticker (unbranded – enquire re branding)

1 x 100% compostable box, sourced from sustainably managed forests

1 x Orange and Poppyseed Duo pack muffin (75g)

1 x Orange Juice 250mL

1 x Mini munch 20g (blueberry OR cranberry & almond)

1 x Nib Nibs shortbread biscuits 20g (coconut OR orange & cranberry)


*Additional delivery charges may apply to non SYD locations - contact us for any volume discounts